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MAIHN Featured Artist:
Emily Jarrett Hughes

Moving with Dance at Lyngblomsten

"Using traditional Eastern European dance and creative movement, I express the beauty of the natural world and artfully engage others to discover their own vital connection to each other, the natural world and their creativity. My dancing changed in 2006 when, tethered to an IV pole, I had to find a way to move. My health then in crisis, I realized that the Armenian cherry blossom dance I was practicing didn’t just represent spring but was in fact a direct link to renewing life energy. I was a budding cherry tree!

"I create dance opportunities that support physical, social, environmental, occupational, emotional and spiritual wellness. Two areas of particular interest are creative dance for lifelong health and traditional dance for healing people, communities, and the natural world."

About Emily Jarrett Hughes

Emily Jarrett Hughes has been joyfully bringing people together through dance for more than 10 years. She draws upon social dances, community dances, ritual dance and modern dance to spark the creativity, wellness, and resilience of each person. She currently performs with Ethnic Dance Theatre and is the Artistic Director of Living Wisdom, a community dance practice. She is a graduate of the ArtSage training in Arts and Aging. Learn more about her classes for all ages at www.wisdomdances.com.


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